Welcome to Robins Nursery

Ofsted Outstanding Nursery in Brighton and Hove
Robins Nursery in Hove which has been awarded Outstanding in All Areas by Ofsted for the 3rd time in a row, offers nursery and pre-school education to children aged 2-5 years.

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At nursery we aim to provide….Robins Nursery Hove

A safe, warm and happy environment where each child will develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically regardless of their chronological age.

Through free play we encourage children to make choices and become independent, and in group times the children learn to play co–operatively, take turns, express themselves and listen to their peers.

All activities are planned and follow the Early Years Foundation principles of a unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning and development.

We offer a wide range of activities and children are encouraged and supported to access all areas of play both indoors and outdoors.

We provide an atmosphere which encourages a child’s sense of self worth; we place high importance in developing each child’s personal and social skills, and value each child as an individual.

At each session, we offer the children a healthy and nourishing snack, and a choice of milk or fruit juice.  Water is available to all children at any time. We respect our bodies and our environment, buying organic, fair-trade, environmentally friendly products wherever possible and incorporate re-cycling into our daily routine.

All children and their families will be treated with respect and their individual needs will be paramount.

Policy for Equal Opportunity

We are all different but in many ways the same. It is our differences which make us unique and special. Children are developing individuals and it is important that we recognise the individuality of each child.