Add a new post on the blog


Go to: Add New – Post

Enter the title and the text.
Click on “Set featured image” button (on the right side) to select the immage you want to include on the front page, with the post.

On the right side of the page, select the Category (for the blog is “NURSERY BLOG“), and then you can push the “Publish” button.

All the posts in the “Nursery Blog” category will be appear on the blog front page, please check carefully the Categories on your posts.


Add a new document in a post or page

Insert your cursor in the place in the text where you want the document to appear. Then click on the Add Document button

Add Document

to launch the media uploader interface.

Upload document


Click on Upload Document button to select your file/document.

You can add or select the document you want to add to your page or post by choosing from either of the following options:

  • Upload Files: Upload the document you want to use from your computer by dragging it into the upload area or selecting from your computer.
  • Media Library: Select from any previously uploaded document in the media library by clicking on the one you wish to add to your page or post.

The Attachment Display Settings pane controls will be the same. Click on the Insert button to open another Advanced Options pane:


It will be possible to set up: Width, Height, Show Download Link and Viewer. (Recomanded: Width: 100%, Height: 100%, Show Download Link: For all users and Viewer: Google Docs Viewer)

Once you have determined your Advanced Options settings, click on the Insert button and your Document will be added into the page or post.