Heather is passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world. She started her career as a nurse and, when her own child began to show developmental delay, she decided to create a nursery where every child could make great progress, regardless of their starting point, developmental or environmental challenges.
Heather believes in the importance of a good early years’ experience to create foundations from which to build the rest of a child’s life. The poem “Children learn by what they live” by Dorothy Law Nolte is the inspiration behind Robins Nursery. “If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself” . She believes this is key to how to build happy, confident, interested, caring children who can grow into fulfilled, peaceful, knowledgeable, thoughtful, engaged members of society.
Her ongoing professional qualifications are part of the continuous endeavour to provide the best possible service to the children and parents who join us. Heather is readily available to discuss your child or any concerns as she understands how wonderful and yet tough it can be as a parent. She loves interacting with the children and is often found on the playroom floor engaging in play.

Owner Manager, BSC (Hons) Early Years, Early Years Professional Status